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By jason (registered) | Posted November 22, 2007 at 13:22:43

I have little sympathy for this inept BIA. International Village, immediately to the east on King St is wonderful. Clean buildings, fresh paint, clean sidewalks, new businesses etc.... the city has assisted them, but the BIA has taken the lead role. On the bright side, maybe the Downtown BIA is finally waking up to the fact that while they've been wasting time dreaming up ways to cram more cars into Gore Park the surrounding neighbourhoods and streets have been revitalizing while their own district doesn't. They have 65,000 pedestrians crossing King and Hughson every 24 hours. Create a vibrant district that will entice some of these people to stop and enjoy the downtown. Nowhere else in Hamilton has this level of sidewalk foot traffic. The downtown BIA is doing absolutely nothing with their opportunity. King West, King East (east of the core), James North and James South are all seeing wonderful turnarounds. The city could do more, for sure, but the local business assocation has to look in the mirror first.

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