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By matt (anonymous) | Posted November 23, 2007 at 18:53:03

if i'm reading this right it seems like city staff and council are forgetting that they already raised fares once this year. at a cost, in ridership, estimated to be half a million rides a year. oh, and from my perspective, transit service has gotten worse since then.

there is no excuse for raising fares. operating and capital costs should be paid through taxes; same deal with improvements. transit is a vital public service. it is a requirement for saving money on road repairs, the inefficiencies of single-occupancy vehicles (including parking spaces) and allowing the necessary number of people to move around the city on a day to day basis. and this doesn't even take into consideration the environment.

we elected a mayor and a number of councillors on a platform that was at least partially green. how green is allowing half a million trips to move from the bus to some other means of transportation? this of course, assumes that people have a choice.

not everyone has a choice. i don't, neither do a lot of my friends and family. we live in a poor city, populated in large part by poor people. myself included. raising bus fares, while allowing parts of ancaster to pay nothing towards transit is an attack against the poor, the environment and anyone working to make Hamilton a liveable city.

anyone else want to move?

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