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By Pedant (anonymous) | Posted November 28, 2007 at 03:13:27

With all due respect, "g.", pedantry is best left to the pedants.

I note with a modicum of pleasure that your comment is semantically incorrect as well as needlessly vituperative. A "glut" can also refer to "an abundance" or a "full supply".

This more positive definition is reflected both in its use as a transitive verb ("to feed or fill to satiety", "to consume immodestly") and in its synonyms (abundance, exuberance, plenitude, saturation, surfeit).

Perhaps you need to invest in a more comprehensive dictionary.

One more point to consider if you wish to pursue the business of correcting people: it is generally considered poor form to repeat a word, as in: "...your possibly fallacious diction as, as a journalist..."

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