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By Bob Bratina (anonymous) | Posted December 01, 2007 at 16:45:42

You failed to mention my motion at Council to reduce the fare to 2 dollars as part of a two year pilot program to see if indeed ridership increases, which is what we should all be working toward. Although my motion was withdrawn due to the inability of some councillors to understand the idea, the work will continue. I received a commitment from transit staff on Thursday, the day after the unfortunate Council meeting, to survey communities where transit fares have been reduced and see what effect it had on ridership. If the review indicates a positive result in terms of increased ridership, then I will bring forward the proposal again to REDUCE fares. You may also be interested in the Downtown Transit Terminal matter. Staff wants to build a 12 to 15 million dollar terminal beside the Piggott Building. I am proposing an alternative hybrid approach using the current McNab Street facility and the GO Station on Hunter Street. This would get the buses off the Gore as well, at amuch less cost.. perhaps a million or 2. This would free up $10 million dollars earmarked for the Piggott terminal to be used for.........can you think of a good use for $10 million? How about the beginnings of a light rail system? As a member of the GO Transit board I also received a commitment from the CEO to work for more GO train service to Hamilton at James Street North, and invite VIA to use the facilities, platform, ticketing, etc., to reinstate VIA service to Hamilton. You may be aware of the $3 million dollars allocated to that project by the GTTA, based on our submission to them.
Bob Bratina,
Councillor, Ward 2.

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