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By David (anonymous) | Posted None at

This movie was very good - with the credibility of Matthew Simmons carrying the weight of the message and supporting the other contributors. I liked that they touched on the media conspiracy to stay away from the subject, although this is a part of the story that deserves more attention. The media reliance on their advertisers, and the advertiser's reliance on the media to not destroy their markets through "fear mongering" limits the mainstream information that we can ever expect to receive, despite the fact that it might be the only way to wake people up before it is too late. Also not covered as well as it might have are the possible scenarios for how this will play out. Perhaps nobody can say, but a good economist might be able to suggest whether some kind of balance will be maintained through the transition, or will it become more of a "snap" to economic destruction, or worse a "post-industrial stone age" due to our lack of ability to change fast enough. As a portion of the economy crumbles due to lack of affordable energy, can the remaining portion support the weight, or does the whole house of cards domino down?

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