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By Hammy1 (registered) | Posted December 04, 2007 at 14:00:44

Roy's comments have hit the mark. The HSR is notably one of the most secretive departments within the City Hierarchy. Nothing that was promised after the last fare increase has occured save the addition of bike racks to the buses. Mayor Eisenberger ran on a platform of change to City Hall, this was to be a refreshing change to the tenure of Larry DiIanni. Well here is the good news...nothing has changed. The classroom antics of our elected officials continues with absolutely little or no accountablility of staff to the system. Prime example is the HSR where under the direction of Mr. Hull little is done to improve the system. In fairness to Mr. Hull a shortage of funds does make his job somewhat more difficult, but many simple improvements which do not require vast sums of revenue are not done to make our transit system viable. Once again it is the working poor who will pay dearly for the ineptitude of the city councillors and staff. Wake up is time to elect people who do care and are willing to put the heat on for better services.

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