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By hmag (anonymous) | Posted December 10, 2007 at 12:22:44

Jason - I want to comment on your post. I think Brantford is a very different kind of city - first off it is quite a bit smaller than Hamilton and definitely has that small-town kind of feel with amenities suitable for young families, retirees and working class folks.

As Hamilton is becoming a place for Torontonians to escape high house prices and fast paced lifestyles - I think the same could be said for many in Hamilton leaving for a slower pace, cheaper houses and job opportunities. Think of it as a constant shift. Brantford is really close - I think 20 minutes by car - so even if Hamiltonians do move they are close enough to family and friends to visit - but being in different lifestyle.

It is very true that folks from Toronto are moving here to also be close to their hometown, perhaps to commute to work or be close enough to the big city while enjoying the perks that come when living in Hamilton.

We shouldn't get angry with the Spec pointing out things like this - they should just do the other side of it too. We aren't losing people to cities like Brantford - they're just shifting from other places like Toronto.

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