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By futurelook (anonymous) | Posted December 10, 2007 at 17:59:20

Sounds like a lot of untapped talent out there.. maybe some of you can help us with our dilemma on Scenic and the Browlands. Most people owning all those huge lots want nothing to do with intensification and good planning. I live a few streets back and welcome these new propals. Finally when a developer comes along and agrees with some of us who favour townhouses and midrise condos, the land barons on Scenic are crying foul (Have you seen the dumb signs ?) The new wave of anti-sprawl is exactly what a community and neighbourhoods are all about.Smart growth is not a fad but our future. We are paving over everything but it is a credit to the new owners at the old Chedoke Hospital site that they are keeping the huge woodlot intact along with that little stream. Too bad their neighbours don't want anyone else living there.
Pull up the ladder , Jack, I'm OK !
A west 32nd'r

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