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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted December 15, 2007 at 15:48:52

Antsy, are you serious? Did you read my rant? I am not against investment. I am against short sighted investment that will leave us high and dry in the near future. And, I offer positive alternatives for us to strive for.

Big box retail is investment, but it is bottom of the barrel investment. Buses are investment but they are bottom of the barrel investment. Ignoring our strengths and building more weaknesses is investment but it is bottom of the barrel investment.

We need to stop celebrating bottom of the barrel investment and start encouraging (or better yet, demanding) true investments which include positive visions for Hamilton's future.

We have a unique opportunity to build a long term investment magnet FOR FREE: light rail. But we are slowly squandering that provincial gift on buses which will be a long term drain on the city in terms of operating costs.

The city had a great vision for Aberdeen: innovation/research lands. Real investment, real jobs, real image enhancement for the city. But if things follow their usual course, Trinity will convert half of that REAL investment/employment land into big box retail with 70% of the land used for parking.

If you read and actually think about the points I am making, you'll see I am not complaining about investment. I am pointing out that we need to make smart investment choices that result in long term growth for the city. Not all investment is ideal. Why do we continually settle for the bottom of the barrel?

Do you honestly consider a new Jack Astor's and Shoppers going on some of our prime commercial land to be positive development? What do these places offer our community? Please share your arguments in favour. Maybe I am missing something.

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