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By (anonymous) | Posted October 19, 2006 at 10:49:19

as i understand it one of the cooling stations downtown is the core who gets the alerts and makes preparations for an influx of persons.

if the core or any other cooling station doesn't get the alerts from the health department then they don't have the ability to make their facilities, drinking water etc., available.

i believe the hamilton spectator reacted because the removal of heat alerts was on ctv's marqee announcing it to canada - so they had no choice but to say something that shows they care.

as for the health department - the spec reported that three people on the committee made the decision - two that work for c.o.a.s.t a crisis hotline out of st. jo's hospital.

they made this decision wthout a quorum and in compliance with the legislation governing health boards which is the health promotion and protection act.

hamilton is stupid in how it does things - especially our "professionals" like the health department.

i find dr. richardson's response incredibly ignorant, insensitive and an attitude that was similar to medical professionals during the
sars crisis. after an inquiry, justice campbell found the medical practitioners and political figures patently incompetent.

perhaps mayor diianni, being the chair of that department, should consider replacing the medical officer of health if they can't do something as simple as make decisions on quorum.

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