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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted December 23, 2007 at 11:18:10

Does Mirabel ring a bell?

Look at an air photo of upper james, notice that the commercial area is never more than 1 block deep, then it's low dens residential forever. South of the linc, parking area overwhelms commercial buildings, many of which are deeply recessed like at meadowlands.

I will reprint some of the CATCH transcript for Dec 19 as to demand for such a bus service, it speaks for itself. Recall that these numbers are despite HIA completing a major update / expansion two years ago.

from dubdubdubdothamiltoncatchdotorgslashview_article dotphp?id=216

The number of aircraft flights in and out of Hamilton airport was 17.5 percent lower last month than in November 2006. The decline continues a long term trend that has seen Mount Hope’s flights drop by nearly a third in the last three years.

And while Hamilton’s numbers dropped, the national average went in the opposite direction – climbing 13 percent. In fact, the averages at Canada’s 42 largest airports have increased every month in the last year.

The change over the last three years has been very similar. London’s flights have gone up 19 percent since November 2004, Waterloo’s have declined 2.6 percent, and Hamilton’s have plummeted 30.8 percent. That translates into over 2000 fewer aircraft movements at Mount Hope last month than there were in November 2004.

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