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By woodog (registered) | Posted October 21, 2006 at 11:51:55

In October of 2003 I weighed nearly 300 pounds, had a cholesterol level of nearly 400 points, was often depressed and suffered from sleep apnea. My doctor said that without medication for cholesterol I was in extreme danger for a stroke. He also suggested medication for depression and a machine for sleep apnea. I decided to change my diet and leave the car in the driveway and see if 'diet and exercise' might do it. If it didn't, I would go on the drugs, but before that, I would give 'diet and exercise' an honest try for a year.

It didn't take a year.

By August of 2005 I had lost 100 pounds and the cholesterol level was 159. I no longer suffered from sleep apnea and the depression had lifted. Another bonus was that my joints didn't ache as they had before.

When I consider the savings - no drugs to combat cholesterol or depression, no machine for sleep apnea other than my bicycle, no gasoline for the 15,000 miles logged in the past three years - work, grocery shopping, meetings at church - I would guess that I've had a significant financial incentive to use my bicycle for transportation.

In fact, I used to worry about my budget quite a bit, but these days the money last longer than the month does.

Even if global warming wasn't real (I believe it is real, and that manmade pollution is a major contributor)... but even if it wasn't real, and gasoline prices were REALLY low, and oil would last forever..

Even if all that were true, using a bicycle for the majority of transportation needs would still be the best idea out there.

I hope this article and others like it continue to resonate for quite a while.

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