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By ashley (registered) | Posted December 26, 2007 at 01:55:46

yes i agree why would you take center mall down for parking. everyone is taking things away from the kids you changed the old movie theater behind center mall away for a bingo hall. The only place i know that is open these days is KIWANIS BOYS & GIRLS CLUB,STOP TAKING EVERYTHING AWAY isnt there enuff stuff around besides places for kids to go. if you take everything away from the kids what else are they going to do. Besides go out get into trouble,fights.go to jail. there is nothing to do for the kids, you people need to stop and think about the children and what they will be doing out on the streets, and how they feel. we have enuff parking but not alot of places for the children to go, stop taking every thing from the children for your money. think about it. do you really want all the teenagers and children go out and get into trouble and go to jail when they should be out having a life.well thats where they are headed if you take everything away from them. TO JAIL THEY GO OR EVEN END UP BEING DEAD ON THE STREETS BECAUSE OF ALL THE VOILENCE FROM EVERYONE HAVING NOTHING TO DO TO HAVE FUN... THINK ABOUT IT. THINK BEFORE YOU SAY OR DO....

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