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By SHemphill (registered) | Posted December 28, 2007 at 23:51:10

This is an interesting Blog Don. I'd like to comment as a newbie on RTH.

I think that the idea of putting in rapid transit through Upper James is a good idea. Let's face it though - Hamilton Mountain has to be an example of the worst urban planning anywhere. It is suburbia gone mad & Upper James is its "Golden Mile" (the irony is that the gold doesn't refer to the precious metal).

How do we fix this mess over the next generation? The area needs to be densified re-development needs to take place. The UJ RT line could be a spine that would allow future East West Mountain routes to be developed. IMO the socio economic realities of the next 30 years, are that Ontario's ability to manufacture goods (without importing everything from China) is going to be entirely based on a very open and liberal immigration policy. Hamilton is a very low density urban area (including the downtown). I'd hazard a guess that we could double the population from 500k to a Million without increasing the urban/sub-urban footprint. If we are smart about this process - Hamilton can be an urban leader and use the change to become a great city (again). RT opportunities should be seized and expanded upon & anything that allows people into that area without driving can only be a good thing. Failure to grasp this - comdemns UJ and the Mountain in general to more of the same sub-urban car dependent sprawl that is its bain right now.

Secondly - I'll voice support for the airport. It's a vital infrastructure item that enhances our quality of life and our economy. Just beacuse it has struggled to compete with the monster that is Pearson Airport doesn't mean that we should write it off. On the contrary we need to support and nourish it. Please don't jump on Miller's anti-airport bandwagon. More & smaller airports are far preferable to massive national airports IMO.


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