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By hamstroll (registered) | Posted December 30, 2007 at 06:39:20

Transportation is land, sea and air. We have all three but need to level the portions.
LRT would be great but we need to set boundaries and then fill in the blanks. So we enhance and improve the airport(air)and continue with the harbour (sea) and roads are on track with the RHP. Now just connect the dots.
I strongly agree that we need a way for lower wage earners need a mode of transport to work and the cargo terminals have strange hours and no real transport. We need to look at say Winnipeg, Where we have a bus route that ends at the HSR depot south of Rymal they have the route start/ends at the airport and a bus every 15 minutes. So start with the bus immediately to the airport. If the need is there it will warrant (or not) the proposed LRT for Upper James. It took 50 years for the RHP do we have to wait 50 for the Lister Block.
There are many self serving agendas if we had a free bus system that covered east to west and airport to harbour the taxi and limo services would suffer as well as families could go with one car and share that. So car sales would be affected. Car insurance would decrease as less traffic less claims less pay outs.
In Labrador car insurance is minimal as there is only a couple hundred Km of paved roads around Goose Bay. So bottom line the idea of an LRT on Upper James is too premature. Start a HI to Jackson /Sq run immediately and run it 0500 to 2400 so the casual (part time) employees at the cargo terminals can be in for 0100 and home after their short shifts.

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