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By Rick (anonymous) | Posted December 31, 2007 at 22:40:57

There is a relationship between passengers and the number of people who work at the airport. I had read a report during amalgamation on how many people a day would come through the airport by 2007 had Westjet kept thier hub in Hamilton. This report was done for servicing the airport for everything from water and sewer to fire, police and EMS services. It was based on a formula from Transport Canada that every passenger required “X” amont of people to service the action of flying to and from an airport and the people who meet and see off the passengers. This included everything from ticket takers, to pilots to janitors to cab and limo drivers to the prople who work at Tim Hortons to guys who plow the runways and parking lots.
The formula said there will be .8 of a person servicing every 1 passengers. It was a planning tool for long term planning.
Using that formula, Hamilton Airport has about 1500 employyes there every day serviceing passengers. When they get to 1 million passengers they will have about 2000 there everyday.
The 2006 annual report states they have 3,600 jobs (direct and indirect) at the airport for the combined passenger and cargo operation.
And the amalgamation report. It was based of 5 million passengers a year through the airport. That works out to 13,700 passengers and 11,300 workers or 25,000 people a day coming trough Hamilton Airport.
If you could get just ¼ of the workers there today to take the bus, you would get 900 people a day to the airport on the A-line.

And as to passenger taking a bus to the airport, last year in Europe I took the bus once and the train once to the airport. I hope the HSR puts a place on the bus for people to place their luggage.

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