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By Commenter (anonymous) | Posted January 05, 2008 at 19:10:31

This educational campaign needs to be mapped out. Education comes from the latin educere, to draw out, and what better thing to draw out than natural human artistic sensibility?

Yes, definitely get to the kids before the modernists do. Explain stuff to engineers, who have the intellectual baggage to appreciate Salingaros' arguments and are not often too beholden to mods' meme collections. Educate the clients too! It is a shame that clients pay so much and get so little in return. If clients knew how badly the mods are scamming them, McDonalds would be flooded with job applications from licensed "architects".

Also be very aware that modernist architects, having nothing to stand on esthetically, scientifically or mathematically, systematically turn to bullying, psychological torture (yes! ever been to an architecture school or office?), and dishonesty of every stripe to get their way. Capitalist butchery just makes it all worse.

These are things honest insiders know perfectly well. If you deny this then you are certainly not an architecture insider.

This is a paradigmatic shift. Kuhn explains that old modernists will never be able to make the switch. They will insist on their flat earth theories to their very graves. There is nothing at all to be gained by addressing them.

Additionally human rights crimes (as listed by the UN) are routinely committed in the modernist architecture establishment. There can be no peace without justice. Charlatans are tuition thieves and sociopaths and need to be treated as such.

Beware of the classicist milieu as well -- a lot of cryptofascists hang out there also.


There can be no cure for a meme viral infection without a good diagnosis. And the extent of the putridity of the modernist architecture establishment needs to be exposed in full before peace, truth and justice can be made to prevail.

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