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By hmag (anonymous) | Posted January 07, 2008 at 15:11:19

hey capitalist -

I am all for LIUNA going it alone on this one (without gov handouts) and building some nice units for folks to live in with amazing retail options on the ground floor. That just sounds logical and in my opinion a pretty solid business plan. You would think LIUNA and the other developers in the city who rely on government handouts would be all ready to invest some of their own money after reading in The Star what we all have been saying now for years - Hamilton is ready to shine and folks WANT to live here. Notice the two big building projects in the core right now are government money involved - what is it going to take to have these "business" folks start doing some business with their own cash. Leave my money alone!

The City should be standing firm on this one - because LIUNA has nothing to lose - because they can step aside and let Mr. Stinson have a shot at it. The city has lots of options to lease and shouldn't be strongarmed into an agreement.

Also Cap - the only way the Lister is coming down is if a bulldozer runs through it - solid steel construction. Gotta love it.

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