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By Council Watch (anonymous) | Posted January 07, 2008 at 23:12:13

I can remember when Nellie Whitley and a few other up-market business owners attempted to encourage restoration of the Lister Block but the city at the time was hell bent on the developmebnt of the "New" City Hall and subsequently the slashing and bulldozing of a Heritage Community to erect Jackson Square. Now take a good look around that whole area. The preservation of the Lister block is a lost cause and the revitalization of the downtown core will never happen just as long as we continue piece-meal planning without any spirit of pride and ownership from Hamiltonians who have long ago given up their First Class Market to a low class bazaar, given up pride in their Library and replaced it with a doss house and let's not even talk about Barton Street, Cannon Street, King Street and the squalor thereof. Locke Street is the model to look to and further develop with low-rise mixed commercial/residential buildings. LIUNA is in the business of making money and not from beautification.

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