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By Beatle4 (registered) | Posted January 07, 2008 at 23:46:59

I was quite saddened when I heard McHattie say the Lister Block was a dead deal. Although I guess I should have expected that from a city council whose main theme is "Hurry up and wait". Let's face it, since the original plans were drawn up for the Red Hill Expressway, it has always been one argument or another untill the thing was actually completed and at an exorbitant cost (It would have been easier and cheaper if it had been built when originally planned). Same goes for the Lister Block. If the city had done something 25 years ago when it was first brought foreward, we Hamiltonians may have had a historic city building we could be proud of. A little late for that now though. I can almost see the last piece of work my Grandfather did for this city disappear in a pile of rubble in the not-so-distant future. It almost amazes me that the city of Hamilton has been able to hang on to Dundurn Castle as long as it has. The way this city likes to tear down any type of historic link to the past is horrific.

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