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By Moose (anonymous) | Posted January 08, 2008 at 15:37:15

Capitalist -

In the interest of capitalism:

Hamilton's Old City Hall across from Lister was demolihsed so Eatons could expand. We know how that turned out. By contrast, Toronto's Old City Hall (same architecture)flourishes nightly as a lit-up gem.

The old farmers market dating back to 1839 was torn down. The Farmer's Market today looks like a concrete bunker and does lousy business. But the St. Lawrence Market on Front Street in TO (1850) is an architectural marvel raking in millions. Toronto decided NOT to tear it down in 1971.

The Tivoli Theatre (1924) in Hamilton was allowed to sit til it fell. The Eglinton Theatre in TO (1936) has been beautifully restored and is the proud gem of its area.

The entirety of Jackson Square was built on land expropriated by the municipality in the early 1960s so they could tear down and throw off the yoke of old Victorian Hamilton. They decided to promote business via a giant mall. We know how that one turned out. A dead mall no one goes to.

So Mr. Capitalist, I suggest you be careful what you ask for in the name of progress from our municipality. They have an absolutely rotten history of doing the wrong thing, making the wrong decision, and heeding the prognostications of the wrong development trends.

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