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By brodiec (registered) | Posted January 08, 2008 at 15:40:15

It's time to put the heat on LIUNA. There is no excuse for the way they've handled business with Lister. There is every indication they've intended all along to take from the public purse. Without even regard to the actual cost of renovation it is clear the building is of value to the public. Let's get all those big brains in city hall and provincial and federal government to preserve our heritage. From there we need to close up the public purse and get a really interested developer to use the best techniques for both construction and financing of this property.

At this point I do not consider by concession with the City and LIUNA to be a sign of matters improving for downtown. Even if a renovated structure is completed. It would be in fact a continuation of the status quo where Hamiltonians entice developers with poor business practices like LIUNA to continue to lap from the proverbial public teat.

Hamilton, you're worth it girl! You can do better than these cronyistic mobsters.

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