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By another capitalist (anonymous) | Posted January 09, 2008 at 11:11:39


You should be commended. If it sounded like I was criticizing you, it was not my intention.

I also have a consulting type business downtown. I constantly get people coming in to my office with grandiose schemes on buying properties, renovating, etc. They always claim they have the resources but when push comes to shove, they never have any money (or they are not willing to use it)

There are many properties that are in horrible shape (The Lyric on John St for example) and I never see anyone actually using their own money to buy the properties, never mind renovating. They are always looking for hand outs.

I don't know how much the CN Station was to renovate but I can imagine that it was millions of dollars. While I remember reading that there was a few hundred thousand dollar grant from the federal government, I don't remember reading about any other government money. LIUNA must have spent their own money for the majority of the project.

So when I said, "no one else is doing anything", I didn't mean the wonderful small business owners who quite frankly are the only ones keeping downtown going, I mean't these tirekickers who come in the middle of a project and make all of these ridiculous claims and promises.

I live a few blocks from James Street, on one side and I have a business a few blocks on the other side of James Street. I love this area! The potential is huge from an economic & social aspect.

We have to stop this fighting. I've seen words like "thug", "mobster" etc. This is wrong. I don't know JM but he seems genuine to me in his love for this city. I've also seen words like "tree hugger" etc. Again, I don't know BM but he seems to genuinely love this city also.

If you put everyone in a room and leave personal agendas at the door, I'm sure we could find a solution within 30 days.


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