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By statius (registered) | Posted January 10, 2008 at 14:37:03


Don't worry, my views on TO weren't formed by "Let's All Hate Toronto". While I am a Hamilton native, I have lived in Toronto for the past 8 years and have gradually grown to hate the city for many, many reasons. Perhaps this is because I have lived in a number of the richer enclaves (the Annex, and now Yorkville) and do not particularly care for the way the Toronto rich behave (I think they are much more self-conscious about their success than the well-off from more cosmopolitan cities). I know that Toronto's downtown is by many measures I success; I just think that this is attributable more to the sort of industries that are located there (financial services, big law, advertising, an extremely lucrative medical research sector, etc.) and the sort of high-salaried people they employ than englightened urban planning. You're right about the annex though - it is a fun neighbourhood to live in (although the economic polarities between its wealthy bobos and the down and outs on their doorstep are sometimes a bit disturbing). If I were not moving back to Hamilton, I would probably be moving back to the annex.

The thing about Toronto is that it didn't attract wealth through good urban planning but rather through a shift in the nation's economic and political axis. That's the macro view anyway, one which I think is supported by a lot of solid economic history.

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