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By brodiec (registered) | Posted January 11, 2008 at 14:48:23

Jason, it's not about how the coffee tastes. I'm not particularly fond of their brew either but it's consistent and it sells. It brings people to neighbourhoods. This is business and Starbucks is up there with McDonalds. Like their fast food brethren Starbucks is a huge marketing machine that, much as the Slate article postulates, brings people to other businesses. Bad Dog and My Dog Joe can benefit from competition. I believe this IS one of the situations where the idea of the free market actually applies. When Corporate America is willing it invest in Locke St. it means that there's something to that neighbourhood. So if they're going to lend their name to the neighbourhood and attract those people it's up to the small businesses selling better coffee to convince Starbucks' customers that they're better. This is a fantastic opportunity and exciting time as it's the first time a neighbourhood in Hamilton has had this happen!

As for the debate as to how the coffee tastes, well, there are lots of blogs about coffee to discuss that one.

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