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By Doogleplex (anonymous) | Posted January 11, 2008 at 23:50:56

Just breezed through here and saw this ongoing discussion. LOL !!! Wanted to expand on some of the thoughts on the airport here.Don, you really need to research the facts on aircraft movements: ALL scheduled flights are recorded as movements, regardless of the size of the aircraft. I believe you chose NOT to see similar comments on this already made by Rick and Mark !! A Piper Cub scheduled to fly counts as a rotation just the same as a Boeing 737/757. Only difference here is that a 737 has 100+ passengers onboard that all paid a fair bit of cash for their flight (not to mention monies spent on services at the airport),while the Piper has maybe 4 passengers on board !The B757 has taken off with tens of thousands of pounds of cargo on board. The Piper took off with about 100 lbs. extra cargo !! The B757/737 pay out huge landing fees- the Piper paid out almost nothing !!
There isn't hardly any general aviation aircraft left at the airport (as compared to when I was a kid),and that is partly because their landing fees have also increased. London, Kitchener still have a large Gen. aviation population in comparison to Hamilton.Probably London's gen. aviation movements are relatively high because they have a light aircraft plant right on the premises !? I'm sure they make scheduled deliveries of their aircraft all the time. I'm sure alot of local gen. av. enthusiasts fly this aircraft right there at London !
Kitchener airport is small. they still have alot of light aviation enthusiasts that don't have to worry about high landing fees or lots of heavy commercial air traffic. They have a helo training school there as well, which will account for a bit of the rotations recorded there. If you check Google Earth you can see all of the small aircraft there. An interesting devlopment is that Kitchener's airport has seemed to realize that larger commercial aircraft make them more money and they seem eager to go head-to-head with Hamilton on that note !!
Finally I would like to add one more comment on the purchasing of lands around the airport. I don't see what the big mystery is to all of these posters here that don't understand it- Hamilton and the airport are just being proactive ! There buying up the land to keep all of the NIMBY's away from the airport so that they don't have near the headache in the future that they otherwise would ! NIMBY's such as Desnoyer, alot of you posters here, and anyone dumb enough to buy land near an airport that was here long before you were born !!

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