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By noseyparker (anonymous) | Posted January 13, 2008 at 14:54:08

Well I'm relieved to see I'm not the only one who was treated poorly at the Bad Dog. A friend of mine defended them wholeheartedly and I thought "It must just be me!". Not true! I'm not at all offended when I receive bad service from Tim Horton's, etc. I just think "this person is probably working for crap money and who can blame them". However, when its your own business ie. Bad Dog thats a whole other thing. Beyond the product your selling, your selling atomsphere and personality. Case in point was the ice-cream guy that opened 2 years ago on Locke. Sure his product was a no-brainer (most of us like ice-cream) but he also gave out free samples, a big hello and smile with his perma-white teeth, and pretended to remember you even if he didn't. His business was a smashing success. And his staff was always friendly no matter how swamped they were.
I went to a Kirendall meeting a couple of years back when the whole Westown thing was very hot and I could have sworn I heard McHattie say "We've all agreed that we don't want a chain on Locke St." I'm kinda curious how Starbucks snuck in?
Also, I didn't know LSB and Starbucks were the same coffee. I'll confess I only drink their Americanos which do the trick for a night shift. A friend of my moved here recently and wanted to know where she could go for a coffee after 6pm. I could only suggest Main St. desserts (if you don't mind sitting on a highway) or the Westown which is a bar. Not the most comfortable atompshere for a woman alone. Now she can go to Starbucks.
Now when is the gun shop gonna take a hike? I hate that picture of Adolph Hitler they have in the window! My child always comments about it - its embarrassing. I'm not sure what the comment underneath it means.
Anyways, if the Bad Dog has new owners I'll give it another try.

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