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By brodiec (registered) | Posted January 18, 2008 at 14:17:51

HSR's pricing structure is somewhat inane not only as far as odd cash fares requiring four coins but also the lack of monthly pass incentive as indicated above.

An issue I still want to press here is that McMaster Students still receive a STEEP discount and receive a vast majority of service. I can understand making transit affordable for students however the one-sidedness of this is almost insulting. Especially given the huge investment in 10 Beeline and 51 University service that directly benefits students. Despite the fact that they are not paying a full fare as residents and students of other schools do.

The best argument I've heard from my many estemed McMaster friends is that the bus is still packed. To which I reply "well maybne you should pay for it?". Imagine the service improvements that students and Hamiltonians in general would see if we all paid at least somewhat evenly in to the public transit system! Tim Hortons still charges Seniors full price for coffee despite their limited incomes (and usually no parents) so why does the HSR discount a prime demograph like McMaster students? Baffling.

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