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By w willy (registered) | Posted January 18, 2008 at 15:03:55

If you looked at total cash transferred by Mac students to HSR, versus number of students using their student pass, is there really a deep discount overall? Sure, for the students who use it, it is a real laugher. But if you got rid of the programme, chances are HSR would come out behind as they would lose all that revenue, and not get anywhere near the same ridership in return. If anything, having a big chunk of reliable revenue and ridership allows HSR some opportunity to innovate and try new things.

I agree that the jump in pass prices is too much too soon. On the other hand, the decision not to up the ticket fares too much had something to do with growing awareness of poverty in this city, and the manner in which mobility through the HSR can make a real difference for poor people. Why are we setting transit rider against transit rider, rather than returning to the idiocy of area rating transit.

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