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By brodiec (registered) | Posted January 18, 2008 at 15:21:32

w willy: Have you ever rode the 5, 1A or 10 bus? Packed and all students during class hours. And those fancy Dave Kuruc designed Hybrid Nova Busses on the Beeline? All for McMaster. Which would be AOK if they were paying full price to ride the bus.

They're paying $67.50 a school year costing other riders $520.00 per student who rides the bus. What the heck is that?!? There is NO municipality in Canada that subsidizes students transit use like that. Generally those transit systems that make a student rate available make it universal to all students attending school in the city.

I call shenanigans. This is another case of Hamilton not respecting itself enough to operate like a real city. Let's teach students that in the real world things cost money. Going to school like going to work is a dent in your pocket. If riding the bus is too cost prohibitive walk, bike or car-pool. The west end is a lovely place to cycle, I spent my whole childhood crusing Main St. West.

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