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By brodiec (registered) | Posted January 18, 2008 at 16:22:45

Al Rathbone: So people are densely employed at McMaster? Making money? And they aren't paying for the bus? I'm still trying to figure out how giving away transit passes at firesale prices to McMaster is somehow a good idea for public transit? I also don't buy the argument that the group of tuition paying students that don't use transit is so small that it makes up for the $520.00 difference that it costs a public citizen to use transit for the same period of time?

McMaster knows it has a sweet deal and now it's costing other users more money. People who aren't lucky enough to go to school or have parents to depend on. I think this is grossly unfair and should be addressed.

Dare I use the term "entitlement brats"? Because that's what this smells like.

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