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By brodiec (registered) | Posted January 19, 2008 at 23:46:07

Al Rathbone: I think your math is rather one-sided and however correct 95 hours over the course of a school year is about equal to a very short credit. I also think it's unsympathetic to those people who are not going to university or more particularly not going to McMaster. Mohawk, Liasson and Columbia college students all pay full fare. Let's not even bring elementary and secondary school kids into the equation whom have NO income and depend on their parents. They also have no special discount.

The fact of the matter is that McMaster gets special treatment and everyone else using the PUBLIC transit system gets an increase in fare. It's also laughable that students, with easy access to credit in both consumer and OSAP form are crying poverty when those people in ACTUAL poverty are getting an increase to their already much higher transit costs. How about expecting students to invest in their own education by expecting them, like any other citizen, to pay their own transit costs? But instead we'll subsidize you out of the fare box, those of us who are employed and many in Hamilton who are living in poverty. And these are not the actions of spoilt brats?

Explain that one to me.

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