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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted January 20, 2008 at 13:59:49

brodie, you are missing the point with the Mac pass. all of your statements are made under the assumption that each student who pays for the pass uses it pretty much daily.

The real truth is that most students walk or cycle. Many drive, and some use the bus regularly. The Mac "subsidy" is not coming from the HSR: it's flowing from the students who don't ride to those who do. In fact there's a never ending "movement" on campus to eliminate the pass, mostly pushed by those students who can't or don't take HSR being angry that they are subsidizing those who do. I am sure they have done their math to make sure that McMaster is not a leech on the HSR system.

Before you get so angry, you might want to do some research about what percentage of students actually use the pass. By your math, if the student usage is less than 15% then the HSR is making money -- a true possibility.

The bottom line is that your assumption of a 441 dollar subsidy to each student is flat out wrong. You need to incorporate the important ratio of # trips students actually take : # trips students are entitled to.

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