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By musicsupporter2008 (anonymous) | Posted January 23, 2008 at 18:33:20

This is great news! Who the heck wants to drive into Toronto anymore? And pay gas, tickets, parking, food?!? But if you want to see live music at this calibre, you're often forced to visit this ugly cit down the road. The Corktown area is evolving in ways resembling the culture changes we're seeing being invested just outside the "true" bounderies of downtown ie. James North and Locke Street. Hamilton, as a small city, has too many clubs and restaurants with owners in these area's (who have great spaces mind you) but do not (for various reasons) take these risks to create an arts supportive scene, especially live music at this level of gusto. I am also impressed with the changes going on at Walt's Beanery in Jackson Square. They call it Waltz Live Music now. Great sound system and stage. Wow. I've been lucky to catch the last couple of weekends. Hilario Duran on Sat Jan 26. wicked Cuban Jazz pianist. You'd pay lot's to see him down the road in Toronto. A couple of weeks ago they hauled in a Hammond B3 for jazz player Tony Monaco. Mel Brown, a blues legend in his own right plays there now... great locals like Brian Griffith too... Now I have two great intimate places to hear top notch music performed up close by top notch players at dirt cheap prices. Finally, a turning point is happening. We just need to support these great venue's and these wonderful musicians. There will be more to come... people have to go somewhere -- since Hess Village destroyed its own live music scene long ago.

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