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By musicsupporter2008 (anonymous) | Posted January 27, 2008 at 01:38:47

Yes, I asked about the name change. They're just finishing a new logo and look. I heard they're planning renovations over the next few months. Sounds positive. They've announced there will be a web site soon. I took in the Hilario Duran performance on Saturday evening. Extraordinary show! Wonderful. The mood was outstanding. And... what class... Waltz brought in a Steinway piano for him to play. Amazing night. Great crowd. Nice people. Very impressed. The crowd had a blast! Also, at Tonic lounge just next door upstairs at the Sheraton I also saw Brownman Nick Ali, one of the best jazz trumpet players on the circuit. Wow. What's happening here? Two huge shows, cheap, all in the same night. This was a great weekend.

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