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By J (registered) | Posted January 30, 2008 at 15:57:29

@ Brodie As a McMaster Graduate turned Hamiltonian, I owe a large part of my love for this city to that bus pass. It allowed me to discover a city that would have been very much out of reach from the somewhat remote Mac campus. This city is in rough shape. It's getting a bit better with every passing day, but it's by no means the great city it could be. McMaster generates the types of great minds that this city needs in order to thrive, and keeping these minds in the city after they finish their education is challenge enough without people like you telling people like me that Mac students aren't Hamiltonians. The bus pass was and is a major attraction for potential students, and a great way to expose them to the potentially amazing city of Hamilton. In terms of the economic value to the HSR, their total expected funding from fares in 2007 was about $30 Million (see the 2007 State of the Infrastructure Report on the city website), while Mac students contributed about $1.5-1.7 Million last year (assuming grad students pay $100 for their passes). That works out to at least 5% of the HSR's 2007 fare revenues being provided by McMaster University. That sounds like a good deal for the city. If you consider costs of a more concentrated student ghetto, increased personal vehicle traffic, and fewer students living in the downtown core, it's a downright steal of a deal for the city.

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