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By volterwd (anonymous) | Posted February 02, 2008 at 23:47:48

Wow there seems to be petty hate for mac students. First off... people who pay with tickets or passes are not subsidizing shit. By the way that includes myself. Public transit is subsidized by taxes... it has not been break even ever as far as I know. So at best its subsidizing mac students more.

That said MOST mac students do not use the pass all that frequently, so comparing the cost of a single pass to the equivalent cost of buying montly passes is absurd.

As well the arguments here seem to be much like the arguments of the RIAA against downloading of music. If they had to buy monthly passes most wouldn't plain and simple. There is no lost revenue.

As well money is only lost when routes are added for people who pay less than the cost of upkeep. Packing 15 mac students on a bus that has 10 non-mac students but going to mac costs essentially the same as if the mac students werent there. (the only difference is the gas due to marginal increase in weight, potential yet on average negligable lost fares due to crowding, and administration costs of the program which overall are puny).

Here is some reality for you. Public transit SHOULD be subsidized. If anything we should make people who live far outside of downtown pay more because it's the sparsely populated areas that cost a lot to service.

Anyways getting any mac students to use the bus is good because they will be forming a habit of using public transit instead of buying a car which I think we can all agree we don't need more of.

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