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I do remember the mosaic tile floor from Pete & Marty's-it was awesome. The serpent's "tail" actually started out by the hostess stand at the Jackson Square interior mall entrance and extended down into the restaurant and bar area. You might be interested to know that the same fate befell the Pete & Marty's in London--thrived for awhile and then closed abruptly. Although it would've been nice to see another restaurant/bar in the space--at least Family Fitness will occupy and utilize the space instead of it sitting there vacant. Moreover, it's a dead area for bar/restaurant/entertainment anyway. It's great to hear that the companies you mentioned are all actively looking at downtown Hamilton for space. Personally, I hope they all come, and bring their friends with them. One hopes that some of this revival is the direct result of the increasing residential population downtown, which is healthy, sustained growth that isn't dependent on offices and jobs moving in and out of the core. Just putting a couple of those chains you mentioned onto King or into Jackson Square would eat up a good healthy chunk of vacant space. I also understand the arguments about chains moving into neighborhoods and displacing local business--however there are examples, Westdale comes to mind, where "cool" local establishments have not been entirely crushed by chains like Second Cup. In the end, if the majors drive the locals out of a neighborhood, it was ultimately the locals inability to compete or differentiate themselves that led to their demise. In the end, if all Locke Steet is is a pretty version of Centennial Parkway, there are always other old neighborhoods (Barton, Kenilworth, Parkdale, Ottawa) to conquer with galleries and coffee houses.

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