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By transiteer (anonymous) | Posted February 15, 2008 at 14:58:28

Hamilton is not Stockholm, Amsterdam or Copenhagen where bike culture prevails. At a guess I would say that one in a thousand of Hamilton's citizens would take to peddling with the advent of more bicycle paths. I know that I am dumping on Jason's obsessive pet project but the few bikers who presently ride on city streets often cause more threats to the safety of pedestrians than motorists. When bikers start to obey traffic signs like red lights, and not switch over to pedestrian walkways I may,just may, support his cause. By the way, I and two other family members occasionally ride bikes to work and obey all of the rules, like Jason will claim, but we find it an inconvenience in a city for many, many other reasons which a bicycle path would not alleviate. Sorry Jason!

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