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Allow me to play devils advocate here. What would be so different about living near a slaughterhouse as opposed to a 6 lane highway? There are thousands of homes in Hamilton along the Linc and future Red Hill expressway and many more near hwy's 403, 401 and QEW. The steelmills polluted WAY more in the 40's-80's than they do today. In fact, cars and trucks offer more air pollution today than steel mills. Yet people will slap down $200,000 to live along the Linc with a giant fence separating them from nonstop noise and pollution. I have no problem with mixed uses unless it was some sort of facility that is contantly smashing old cars or bricks or something that would drive me nuts. Our society has gotten quite strange in the harmful decisions we'll make with our lives, yet those very people will sit in the backyard breathing in toxic pollutants from a highway while making fun of folks who live near the steelmills. who's the joke really on???

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