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By jason (registered) | Posted November 07, 2006 at 16:29:43

as a follow-up, the Spec reported today that the city is 'looking at all options before it' in order to deal with this problem. About 2 sentences later they quote a city rep as saying this:

The city says it will look at all options presented before it, but that un-synchronizing lights and adding more signals to one way streets won't curb the problem. Instead, officials say more enforcement is needed.

In other words, city officials value their ability to save 5 minutes on their trip to and from work more than your childs life. This comment is irresponsible and downright ignorant. Stats prove that high-speed, wide open streets with timed lights are dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. They are also damaging to business districts as downtown merchants reported almost instantly back in the 50's when the switch was first made. If I were this family I would sue the city for compliance in this death. Simply because they have been told by experts, engineers, citizens, business people and everyone else imaginable that these urban freeways are bad for the city and downright dangerous. They don't care and need to be sued for negligence. I know money can never replace a life, but it seems to be the only thing city hall pays any attention to.

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