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By Matt's (step) Grandfather (anonymous) | Posted November 07, 2006 at 17:11:59

You people are going off on the wrong track.

Lights are always SYNCHRONIZED FOR A GIVEN SPEED. This speed is usually slightly BELOW the speed limit.

The REAL problem here is that the side streets are DEMAND DRIVEN. King/Main only get a red light if there is a car (or a pedestrian pushing a button) waiting to cross King/Main. In quite times King and Main are solid green from end to end.

1)Leave the synchronized lights there to help the traffic flow in rush hour.

2)Leave the cross streets in "demand mode" BUT ONLY during rush hour. It does help traffic flow.

3) In non rush hour, disable all the demand mode settings and let the lights cycle.

This will keep rush hour exactly as it is AND it will mean that anyone driving through town at 3am AND DOING THE SPEED LIMIT will see nothing but green lights. BUT, anyone exceeding the speed limit will be stopping at EVERY light. People will quickly learn the speed that gives the smooth ride and get out of the habit of speeding.

Matt's (step) Grandfather

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