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It's so encouraging to read all the positive news on here about downtown. I have noticed in the past that true revival has happened on the edges of downtown and has slowly, progressively moved inward toward the King Street East corridor. I do have a couple of questions--does anyone know any details in regard to the Royal Connaught renovation--such as size of the new hotel space, chain affiliation, restaurants, etc? Lack of adequate hotel space in Hamilton (not just downtown) is a long-standing problem, and this hotel room inventory needs to come back online ASAP. Also, I have read some rumors about other potential hotel developments slated for downtown--anyone know anything? I am really discouraged to learn of the demise of the Budapest--which was truly a landmark downtown. Although it's great news that it's being replaced, I hate to see the old stalwarts disappearing. Lets hope places like the Sirloin Cellar and Black Forest Inn have long, prosperous lives.

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