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Thanks for the update regarding the Royal Connaught. I suppose the Renaissance affiliation makes sense as one of the investors there is also building the Courtyard on Upper James--and both Courtyard and Renaissance are Marriott brands. Great news! Lack of adequate hotel room inventory has hog-tied the city for years and hurt the city's ability to attract trade shows and conventions. Even when there is a moderate sized conference or youth hockey tournament in the area it is difficult to find rooms anywhere. Developments like the Renaissance and Marriott Courtyard are a start. Hopefully the hospitality business in Hamilton will begin catching up with the rest of the cities and towns which surround it. Another moderately sized hotel development downtown would be a huge boost--I've always thought the Bay/King area next to the AGH would be a great spot near Copps and the HCC. Certainly building a residential base downtown is a key part of the renewal of the core. Just as retail/entertainment/dining followed the migration to the suburbs--the growth in population downtown will have the same effect. New residents living downtown will not want to commute to Ancaster or Burlington to shop and dine--which can only be a positive sign for the future of commerce downtown.

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