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By Frank (registered) | Posted March 04, 2008 at 11:03:35

The dealership I used to work for had that guy visit occasionally. I don't know if anyone knows the lanewidths here in Hamilton are actually erring on the side of too wide. Of course, in order to change road lanewidths we'd have to limit the flow of larger trucks and maybe even one or two of those gigantic misnamed SUVs which would be a benefit anyway. Drop the lanewidths to 2.75m MAX and that'd do two big things - allow design cross sections so accomodate a bike lane and force drivers to drive better (or crash more often). I'm sick of drivers careening left through red lights playing follow the leader expecting me not to hit them on MY green! In Hamilton we have two problems...backwards design and idiots on wheels, whether it's 2 or 4. Unfortunately the 4 usually is bigger than the 2 and causes more damage but the idiots on 2 mixing with the idiots on 4 is a recipe for disaster. I've long been a proponent of bike lanes (continuous ones not like the occasional bike lane on Barton East!) and I refuse to cycle in traffic because I don't trust the 4 wheeled numbskulls rushing to get to wherever the heck they're going. I used to bike...til I almost got flattened by a "gentleman" in a truck turning right but not wanting to stop and check the side of the road. Once driver education reaches an acceptable level (not passing people just for the heck of it) and enforcement is at the level it should be will I bike on a roadway unless it's nearly deserted. I'd like to get to where I'm going alive...

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