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By beancounter (registered) | Posted March 07, 2008 at 20:46:48

As an accountant, I do find this rather disturbing. How can you run a complex transit system efficiently without such crucial information as total ridership?

Just think, management doesn't know how many riders the system has in total, with implications for funding from other levels of government, as Thom mentions above.

But even more importantly, perhaps, they don't know the total ridership by route, or by trip or by time of day or any other way that modern software could massage these figures. What about, for instance, determining the load factors on the very expensive articulated buses?

I would think that anlyzing their revenue as I suggest above, could help them in their planning efforts, which in turn might lead to a more efficient use of their equipment and their employees.

I suppose HSR management could roughly estimate the number of trips taken by monthly pass holders by assuming that they would make enough trips to make the purchase of a pass worthwhile. Or they could take a survey based on a random sample.

Oh well, maybe we will get Presto pronto.

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