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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted March 15, 2008 at 02:28:07

A good point made:
By transiteer
Posted 2/15/2008 2:58:28 PM

"Hamilton is not Stockholm, Amsterdam or Copenhagen where bike culture prevails."

I think it also goes beyond 'a bike culture'. We cannot even compare the climate of these cities mentioned, or most in Western Europe, & the U.K. to Southern Ontario in terms of snow fall, duration of Winter,& extremes of temperature in Summer & Winter. Stockholm, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Dublin, etc. are much more moderate in all climatic criteria. The actual size of most of these cities is smaller than the sprawled out versions that occur in N. American cities. It just isn't the same & it's not correct to say that it is.

I have no idea if Portland Oregon has a more moderate Pacific Coastal climate, like Vancouver or Seattle but if it does, then the same argument applies.

Even if the bike lanes are cleared for the ride to work at 7 a.m., who's to say that they won't be impassable with snow by 5 p.m.? It's one thing to ride into a storm on a fairly level area, but riding up the Escarpment with 60 km. winds & a minus 25' C. windchill factor is another. Riding up the hill on James St, when it's plus 25'C & over 30'C with the humidex isn't something I'd be inclined to try either, even without a pollution factor thrown in.

The bike lanes are great & we need more of them, but I don't think most people of average physical condition, & average mental capabilities will be riding to work & home again in extreme conditions. (I sincerely hope that a shower facility is available for you road warriors once you get to work. I know of very few people who have that available.)

With a little help, N. America may buy in to the European idea of efficient affordable mass public transit soon, but IMHO the vast majority of commuters are light years away from biking from the 'burbs to downtown or vise versa, for a whole lot of reasons. (& yeah, aging population again is a factor)

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