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By serious (anonymous) | Posted March 26, 2008 at 08:30:43

A serious question deserves a serious answer. Don suggests that those who voted for user fees are against the environment is a huge catapult in logic....there are a myriad reasons why people don't support tolling the expressway, including the betrayal of taxpayers who already invested in this very expensive project. Or why councillors did not support a head tax on the airport traveller. hamilton's airport brands itself as being the affordable alternative to toronto's. That is why councillors didn't want to erode that advantage. Or fare increases for transit. This is a service which is heavily subsidized already. Maybe councillors feel that is enough, whether they are right or wrong is a matter of perspective. But to state baldly that Councillors voted against the environement is akin to stating that McHattie, Bratina, Merulla, Morelli voted because they are against business and for tax increases. Both conclusions are silly. That is why I made the point I made. It isn't the first time Don Maclean twists things. He does it out of ego and for effect. It doesn't work. He annoys people with his smarminess and holier than thou attitude.

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