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By GQ (anonymous) | Posted March 26, 2008 at 11:27:02


In other words, the councillors who voted for raising fares, against tolling the highway and in favor of subsidizing the airport were not concerned enough with the environment to vote for the environmental choice. Let's see what Don said in the article:

"Each of these examples, of course, has an environmental twist to it. Raising HSR fares obviously hurts the environment by encouraging more people to drive cars. Adding tolls to an expressway has the opposite effect, hopefully encouraging some of the drivers to use greener alternatives.

"Note that the environment was the loser on both these issues. Then when it came to raising the cost of flying, one of the most environmentally damaging activities an individual can do, the environment again played second fiddle."

In other words, either you hate Don McLean so much that you're incapable of basic reading comprehension or you're deliberately attacking a straw man to make him look bad.

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