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By steeltown (registered) | Posted November 12, 2006 at 14:46:46

Economic development should be a top priority in Hamilton, 57,000 Hamiltonians leave our city every day to work. If the number of Hamiltonians leaves our city for work increase soon we won’t have the complete power to govern on our city and will be lumped into the GTA. Just look at the Greater Toronto Transit Authority that Hamilton is now involved in with countless other sprawling communities. I don’t want Hamilton to be one of Toronto’s sprawling communities that has to rely on the city for jobs.

We must Economic development a top priority. Simple, you want taxes to go down? More companies to Hamilton will help reduce the burden on property taxes, want downtown revitalization? Get companies to invest office jobs, want deal with the social services problems? get more jobs to make people leave the social services program, want better infrastructure? More companies to Hamilton increase the city’s revenue source to repair infrastructure.

Economic development means so much more than attracting more jobs.

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